52 min. 46 sec.
Dharma-Vortrag mit Mary Remington—Aufwachen zum Dienen
Mary Remington
Saggezza del Buddha

Dharma-Vortrag mit Mary Remington—Aufwachen zum Dienen

We hear it often, but what does it really mean ’to serve’?  And what does our own spiritual practice have to do with how we respond to suffering, both our own and others'?   Buddhist Chaplain Mary Remington will openly explore the landscapes of mind, actions and relationships and as it relates to humbly serving this world.  Includes a guided meditation followed by the talk.

This Dharma talk was organised by Rigpa Germany.

About Mary Remington

Mary Remington is a Buddhist Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Care at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern / USA. In 2007 she discovered Zen Buddhism and is now the director of the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program in the USA, founded by Roshi Joan Halifax. Much of her direct chaplaincy work supports people with addictions, disabilities, and those at the end of life.

Upcoming events with Mary Remington

Buddhist Pastoral Care
Basic Training in Contemplative Care with Mary Remington
Intensive Seminar
30.11.2023 - 3.12.2023

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